Thank you to all parents who have continued to positively support us since the COVID-19 outbreak. It certainly has been an eventful few months but much of the pressure has been eased by our parents working so cooperatively with us. We are continuing to “stay alert” and are committed to ensuring that our nurseries remain as safe as possible.

Since 1st June, we ceased group-wide communication and handed this over to our individual nurseries. Please ensure you join your nursery’s Parents Group on Facebook to stay connected. If you are after previous email communications, you can find all previous email communication sent to parents, regarding COVID-19 here.

Don’t forget that we have released a Learning from Home pack, to support your child’s learning whilst they are away from nursery. You can download your copy here. Don’t forget to add observations to Blossom, so your child’s Key Person and our Childcare Team can see what you have been up to.

Nursery Fees

As of 1st July, nursery fees are applicable on all places. However, places for our Wraparound Care places will remain frozen for as long as your child is unable to attend school due to their year group not being permitted to return by the Government.

Latest Update

All our nurseries are now open (with the exception of Cherubs Vale View). However, care is being provided for these children at nearby Cherubs Executive House. For more information, please contact your nursery directly.

We are still implementing the below at all open nurseries:

  • Meet and Greet at the Door
  • Temperature checks for all children and staff on entry to the nursery
  • Sending children home that display any signs and symptoms of coronavirus
  • Variations to set Nursery Menus, dependant on food shortage or supplier issues
  • Changes to planned activities to comply with our strict hygiene measures
  • All nursery events postponed until further notice
  • Temporary suspension on outings, trips and visits to our local residential homes

We may also have to temporarily cap the amount of children allowed to return. This is to comply with social distancing measures and to ensure that everyone remains safe. If this is the case at your nursery we will communicate this to you, as soon as we are able.

We never underestimate the support of our parent community and you cannot demonstrate this in a more visible way than continuing to support us and by respecting our operational decisions during this time. Thank you.

Last updated: 1pm on Thursday 2nd July 2020.

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