Refund Policy

Cherubs Nurseries does not offer any refunds for payments made online. The online payment service is for parents to pay for services to be taken and as per the Cherubs Nurseries Terms and Conditions no refunds are given for any sessions booked, whether attended or not.

In the case of overpayments, these can be returned to the parent but charges will be incurred (please refer to your Cherubs Nurseries Terms and Conditions for the most up to date figures). Refunds, in this case, will be sent via BACS transfer.

Coronavirus - an update to all Parents

Thank you to all parents who continue to positively support us during this uncertain time. We are aiming to provide updates via email in a timely and efficient manner. We have set up a blog post, that we will update with all relevant information too.

If you are a key worker and looking for childcare, it would be our pleasure to support you. Many of our nurseries are still open and we have removed all registration fees for our fellow key workers and will do everything we can to accommodate changing work schedules. To find out more please contact our Parent Experience Team on 01623 420940.

Stay safe,
Cherubs Nurseries