Snow Update

With heavy snowfall expected in Nottingham this week, especially on Tuesday and Wednesday we would like to inform all parents that we are planning on business as usual. We understand the commitments our customers have and as such we will do our best to ensure that we operate an “as normal” of a service as possible. Of course, this relies on our colleagues being able to get into work (to open our nurseries and ensure we are ofsted-compliant). We will not pressure our colleagues to travel into work if they do not think they can make the journey safely. Their safety is our priority.

Our Nurseries
Depending on the severity of the weather it may not be possible for us to operate our normal service. This could be due to a range of factors including our colleagues not being able to get into work or school sites being closed. Cherubs Wynndale and Cherubs Worksop both operate on school campuses. If the campus choose to not open this may affect our ability to operate our normal service. Please do keep an eye on your child’s nursery Facebook page or check back here. Please ensure you take care when picking up and dropping off as car parks, paths and play areas can sometimes become very icy. It would also be wise to send your child to nursery in suitable clothing, to ensure we can still enjoy time outside during the colder weather.

At present, all of our nurseries are operating a normal service.
*Last updated Tuesday 29th January at 11:00am

Wraparound Care
Wraparound Care for school-aged children will go ahead as long as our nurseries are open. However, Wraparound Care provided at Abbey Gates Primary School, Holywell Primary School and St Patrick’s Primary School may be affected if the schools choose to close. If this is the case it will be unlikely that we will be able to provide our service at these schools. However, please do keep an eye on your child’s nursery Facebook page for more information, or check back here. If your child’s school is closed and you no longer require your drop off or pick up please do let your child’s nursery know. This information will be incredibly beneficial as it will ensure that we can efficiently operate at all times.

At present, we are operating a normal Wraparound Care service.
*Last updated Tuesday 29th January at 11:00am

Keeping an eye on the Weather
Please ensure you check our website and social media before setting off for nursery. You may also want to keep an eye on BBC Weather here.

Contacting Us
Please continue to monitor this page as well as your child’s nursery facebook group, for updates throughout the week. In response to feedback from parents last year, we will do our best to send updates via email too, ensuring everyone stays informed. During this time please do not try to contact your child’s nursery via telephone as lines can become incredibly busy and due to working to a “reduced” (but still Ofsted-compliant) staff structure it may not be possible to man telephones at all times.

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