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Since opening our doors in January 1993 we’ve been a family-run business that really cares about what we do. We pride ourselves on being honest, imaginative and doing things properly. By being ourselves and staying true to our values we’ve established ourselves as the childcare provider of choice, within the East Midlands and have developed a reputation for delivering not just outstanding childcare but a totally unique service that you won’t find anywhere else.

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Our story

Discover why, in January 1993, after struggling to find a suitable environment for her first child, our founder, Susan Mills made the decision to set up her own nursery.

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What do parents say about us?

  • “Really lovely nursery and my daughter loved it. Unfortunately I had to move her due to a change in my job but if things would ever change I will definitely take her back to Cherubs Pleasley. Thank you for looking after her so well!”

    Emma T Wednesday 7th June 2017, Cherubs Pleasey
  • “A truly outstanding nursery with truly outstanding staff. My daughters both love coming to nursery and both have really genuine bonds with their brilliant key workers. The activities that the nursery staff create for all age groups are very imaginative and original and develop the children's skills and challenge their abilities. I love the opportunities that the girls have been given and I can see them flourish in such a caring environment. I honestly think Cherubs Pleasley has enriched their early year's experience. A fab manager and a fab team.”

    Clare G Wednesday 3rd May 2017, Cherubs Pleasey
  • “Excellent quality childcare provision. Professional and knowledgeable staff. My son enjoys going to nursery - this tells me he has a good relationship with the staff who care for him. I believe my child is well cared for and happy here.”

    Samantha H Wednesday 5th April 2017, Cherubs Pleasey
  • “Cherubs Pleasley is a great nursery. Staff turnover is low in comparison to other nursery providers we have used and the staff are hands-on. Our son enjoys coming to the nursery and our daughter looks forward to coming every half term.”

    Natalie D Wednesday 5th April 2017, Cherubs Pleasey
  • “All the staff and managers are so lovely, friendly and welcoming. The nursery is lovely, bright and clean. My son has really enjoyed coming and his speech has improved so much since starting here.”

    Laura S Tuesday 20th June 2017, Cherubs Ladybrook
  • “My daughter has not been at nursery for long, she started in January 2017, she was very shy at the start but the staff were very, very friendly and she soon settled in and enjoys every minute of being there. She comes out of nursery singing all the songs that she has learnt and tells me all her friend's names and what she has been doing. She talks about the staff and she likes them all. I'm really happy with the nursery and would definitely recommend it to others.”

    Rachel G Tuesday 28th March 2017, Cherubs Ladybrook
  • “The nursery and staff are always welcoming and they have made mine and my daughter's experience of nursery a great one. My daughter initially suffered from separation anxiety, however, the staff worked well with her and would always make a fuss when we arrived and would tell my daughter who was coming to the nursery and would sit with her on the table and provide breakfast and a drink. My daughter now loves going to nursery, she would often say “I have lots of friends and the ladies are nice to me”. Very welcoming environment from all staff and the manager.”

    Louise L Monday 27th March 2017, Cherubs Ladybrook
  • “Fantastic nursery. Professional, friendly and caring staff who take a genuine interest in our son. Would recommend to friends and family. Brilliant!”

    Harry P Tuesday 25th April 2017, Cherubs Longdale
  • “I could not recommend this nursery highly enough. The staff are all fantastic, so friendly and genuinely care about my child and know her individual personality. The activities at the setting are wide ranging, including additional sessions offered e.g. Mini kicks and encourage development. The outside space is great and I love that my child gets fresh air and exercise whenever possible. The nursery manager is fantastic - she knows all the children and parents, is very approachable and the communication is great, particularly through the Facebook page. There is a good variety of food offered and my child always eats very well at nursery. My daughter is extremely happy here - thank you for looking after her so well.”

    Joanna S Wednesday 12th April 2017, Cherubs Longdale
  • “This is my second child at this nursery and they have both loved their time here.”

    Amy B Friday 24th March 2017, Cherubs Wynndale
  • “My daughter loves coming to Cherubs Wynndale nursery she always has a big smile on her face when I leave her and pick her up after a busy day of fun and activities. I couldn't recommend this nursery enough and the staff are fantastic and very friendly.”

    Katherine R Wednesday 22nd March 2017, Cherubs Wynndale
  • “My daughter loves coming to Cherubs Wynndale, she always has a big smile on her face when I leave her and pick her up after a busy day of fun and activities. I couldn't recommend this nursery enough and the staff are fantastic and very friendly.”

    Ben L Thursday 23rd February 2017, Cherubs Wynndale
  • “We attended a recent parent's evening which was informative and supportive, the points below describe our experience of the nursery. * A well-structured environment * Perfect learning opportunities for the children * Perfect learn and play ideas * Staff happy and attentive * Manager of nursery, supportive and approachable * Safe, happy, warm environment To sum the above up, we have a happy girl who has learnt so much since attending Cherubs.”

    Lisa G Tuesday 4th April 2017, Cherubs Mansfield Woodhouse
  • “All the staff are friendly and welcoming - really enjoy their jobs. There is a variety of things on site to keep the children entertained and trips off site that cater for all ages. Would recommend this site as price/staff and care is spot on.”

    LC Wednesday 21st June 2017, Cherubs Mansfield Woodhouse
  • “I have my 2 daughters go to Cherubs Kimberley and I am very satisfied with how they look after my children. Very thorough, professional, thoughtful and kind. When I leave the twins with the lovely nursery assistants at Cherubs, I know they are very happy and settled especially when they are waving and saying goodbye to mummy. Their development is coming along beautifully with saying lots of words at home. Identifying shapes, colours and numbers up to 10. They have fantastic key workers as well. I couldn't wish for a better nursery and lovely ladies to look after my children. Highly recommend. Thank you so much.”

    Grace P Wednesday 29th March 2017, Cherubs Kimberley
  • “An outstanding setting where out son is extremely happy. The staff are caring, knowledgeable and very friendly. We couldn't ask for more from them. Thanks for everything that you do for our little man!”

    Joe G Thursday 23rd February 2017, Cherubs Kimberley
  • “Both my children have come to this nursery. Staff have been fantastic in terms of care, learning and accommodating needs. Both my children have grown in confidence and shown good attachment to their key worker. They have always been happy to come to nursery. We have worked with staff to develop areas of development based on their care plan and have found feedback useful and staff really keen to help us. Thank you Cherubs Kimberley.”

    Safeena G Thursday 23rd February 2017, Cherubs Kimberley
  • “Since moving into Pre-school I have noticed a dramatic improvement in my son's attitude and behaviour. Also his speech has improved immensley and continues to do so I cannot recommend this nursery enough. The staff are so dedicated and efficient and I feel completely at ease leaving my son with them. Especially with his medical needs.”

    Kelly R Thursday 29th June 2017, Cherubs Worksop
  • “Very friendly staff who is willing to help and advise at any time. Staff have great knowledge and experience. They spend quality time with all the children and look for their development. Kids have a lot of activities which develop their self-confidence. The nursery is very clean and it has a big range of food and vegetables for children. It was a good decision to put our daughter in here. We will put our son in here as well.”

    Jaroslaw Z Thursday 29th June 2017, Cherubs Worksop
  • “A first class nursery. Our little girl has developed so much since she has been coming here. First class staff and facilities too.”

    Neil S Friday 17th March 2017, Cherubs Worksop
  • “Great Nursery and very friendly members of staff, my son was happy here from when he started in 2015. Cherubs Vale View has built confidence throughout his time here and he has achieved a good standard of social skills and learning, he has made a lot of friends and became very popular. My son has had the support he needed to make him a confident friendly boy. The staff are well trained and are a friendly bunch, which my son has enjoyed knowing. Would recommend this nursery.”

    Leanne B Tuesday 4th July 2017, Cherubs Vale View
  • “Mum loves the nursery and not only that but my daughter loves it! She enjoys coming to nursery and Mum is really comfortable leaving her in their hands.”

    Sylvia S Wednesday 25th January 2017, Cherubs Vale View
  • “My daughter is very happy at this nursery and it has helped to develop her speech and interactivity with other children. I am at ease when taking my daughter here as I know she loves going and has learnt a lot since starting in June this year.”

    Jess E Saturday 31st December 2016, Cherubs South Normanton
  • “Fantastic nursery, I've noticed a big difference with my child since he started nursery. The staff are fantastic and very helpful, they are also very welcoming. Overall I am very happy with the nursery.”

    Carla A Friday 2nd December 2016, Cherubs South Normanton
  • “My son has learnt so much since starting and I know he absolutely loves coming here to this nursery, sometimes the most difficult part is getting him to leave come home time.”

    Danielle R Friday 30th December 2016, Cherubs South Normanton
  • “I am very happy with the nursery, management and all the staff. Big thanks to the girls in the Daisy room, they are doing a great job for my baby. She is always happy, friendly and with a clean nappy. I am feeling very calm leaving my daughter in the nursery and going to work. I know that she will get the best care from the girls.”

    Irina L Tuesday 25th April 2017, Cherubs Executive House
  • “My son has completely settled in. I feel 100% comfortable leaving him safe in the knowledge he's in the best place”

    Faye R Tuesday 25th April 2017, Cherubs Executive House
  • “Brilliant nursery!! I was very nervous putting my little boy into nursery after maternity leave but the staff at Cherubs were very welcoming. They spoke me through everything and asked what I would like my little boy to achieve from them. He has been attending full time since December 2016 and has come on so well. Every morning I drop him off to big smiles from all the girls and its the same when I pick him up after 9 hours!! I can't thank the girls enough for the attention they give him and the love he has for them!”

    KC Tuesday 28th February 2017, Cherubs Executive House
  • “After viewing two nurseries previously - and still feeling unsure, I went to visit Longdale for my son. I immediately loved the location and felt a sense of homeliness as I entered. Staff were very friendly, approachable and professional. The nursery was large, with a vast outdoor area, clean, and staff appeared organised and knowledgeable. After having all the information and being shown around - I felt like I had finally found a nursery that was suitable and made me feel at ease with the thought of leaving my boy in their care. Plus, on the way out, they even offered to change his nappy as he had filled it. Overall felt above and beyond expectation. My son loves it and at 14 months old, already is making progress in learning.”

    RR Monday 3rd April 2017, Cherubs Longdale
  • “Cherubs Pleasley is a wonderful, supportive nursery. My daughter only does one day a week but loves her time here, has made some lovely friends and gets really well supported from the staff. She has learnt lots, enjoys the outside spaces and is developing wonderfully thanks to Cherubs Pleasley”

    Sarah 9th May 2018, Cherubs Pleasley
  • “We are so pleased with our daughter's progress at Cherubs. She is always so happy to go to nursery and genuinely cares about the staff. The staff are outstanding and provide the highest level of care. My daughter always smiles and laughs at nursery!”

    Criag 9th May 2018, Cherubs Pleasley
  • “My daughter started nursery in September and has settled in really well. The staff are lovely and really informative. The nursery is a lovely environment and I am happy to bring her here.”

    Katie 13th February 2018, Cherubs Pleasley
  • “This is a fantastic nursery. My daughter loves coming here. She has progressed fantastically and you can see the difference in her and the staff are fantastic as well. We are going to be sending our other daughter here as well.”

    Emily 1st June 2018, Cherubs Ladybrook
  • “My daughter thoroughly loves attending Cherubs Ladybrook. She has many friends here and loves to tell the staff all about her mornings at school. There is always a warm welcome, lots of variety of activities and her needs are being met.”

    Clair 21st May 2018, Cherubs Ladybrook
  • “My son can never wait to get to the nursery. He has a fab bond with both staff and children that also attend. His speech and attitude has really come along. A few months ago, myself and the staff worked together to get my son out of nappies. It took us only a few days and was a massive achievement.”

    Laura 21st May 2018, Cherubs Ladybrook
  • “My son recently started at Cherubs Longdale and has settled really well. It was a tough decision to go back to work early, however, the staff made me feel at ease leaving him in their care. They keep me well informed of his day through an app on my phone showing photos and activities.”

    Rachael 19th June 2018, Cherubs Longdale
  • “We were extremely anxious to swap nurseries and breakfast/after school club for our two boys. One of our children has multiple allergies, Longdale was more than happy to help/ accommodate this. We cannot speak highly enough about the staff and their support.”

    Kelly 30th May 2018, Cherubs Longdale
  • “I would certainly recommend this nursery. Returning back to work and putting my little boy into the nursery is a big worry of mine but Cherubs have reassured me. My son has settled and is looked after better than I initially expected. Over the moon!”

    Toni 2nd May 2018, Cherubs Longdale
  • “Great nursery. Staff are all kind and loving. Love how the nursery is set out and all the different toys they have. My little boy loves to come here every day and has so much fun. He has learnt a lot from being here. I am happy to leave him at nursery knowing he is happy. Safe and very well looked after. Will be sad to leave here for primary school.”

    Erica 6th July 2018, Cherubs Wynndale
  • “This is the final month of my youngest attending Cherubs Wynndale. For the past 7 years, Cherubs has been part of our life and will be missed. All involved have cared and supported both my children and even now the sense of family is amazing. Every key worker, staff member have given us a positive experience.”

    Leah 6th July 2018, Cherubs Wynndale
  • “My little girl has been attending Cherubs Wynndale for nearly a year and I couldn't have picked a nicer nursery. Recently she has moved up to pre-school and she loves it so much that she doesn't want to come home. She adores all of the staff and it makes me very happy that she feels safe and loved every day she comes.”

    Sophia 6th July 2018, Cherubs Wynndale
  • “Cherubs Nursery is overall excellent. There isn't a bad word I can say about this nursery. My son loves it there and is developing really well. All I can say is the staff are excellent, facilities are brilliant.”

    Kelly 4th May 2018, Cherubs Mansfield Woodhouse
  • “Even though we left the area we drive the 1-hour drive in traffic to bring our daughter to the nursery as it's an outstanding nursery with the most caring staff.”

    Tara 4th May 2018, Cherubs Mansfield Woodhouse
  • “Our son has settled into the nursery like it is a second home. He loves going and runs into say morning to everyone. He gets so much more than just childcare. We couldn't recommend them highly enough.”

    Michael 4th May 2018, Cherubs Mansfield Woodhouse
  • “Our child has had many opportunities and positive experiences during his time at Cherubs. We know he is safe, happy and secure here. His confidence has increased massively and from an educational point of view, he has made great progress.”

    Lindsay 3rd July 2018, Cherubs Kimberley
  • “My twins have now been in Cherubs Kimberley for 14 months and they love it. They love being at the nursery 3 times. They enjoy every aspect of play, story time, their light tea and the comfort that their nursery keyworkers give them. The staff are friendly and professional at all times and very easy to talk to. The managers are very professional and easy to talk to especially when talking about hours and arrangements of childcare service.”

    Grace 21st May 2018, Cherubs Kimberley
  • “My child has been here a few months and he absolutely loves it! The girls are always welcoming and polite, always make time to talk to me. His speech has come on loads and has started to come more out of his shell. I love how you keep me updated all the time and send pictures. Thank you for being amazing for my little boy.”

    Jade 2nd May 2018, Cherubs Kimberley
  • “I would like to say I have a really good relationship with all the staff and so does my daughter. My daughter enjoys playing outside with all her friends. I would like to say it is good value and let's face it, you can't put a price on quality when you're leaving your child in someone else's care. The food must be good as my daughter always has seconds. Would highly recommend.”

    Sharron 21st May 2018, Cherubs Vale View
  • “I would highly recommend Cherubs Vale View. The staff are really polite and willing to help and my son always enjoys his time there. The flexi booking service is great and fits in with our already hectic schedule.”

    Michelle 21st May 2018, Cherubs Vale View
  • “I have had all of my children go to Cherubs Nurseries. All of the staff are very helpful, my children love it. If there are any issues it is always handled very professionally. The staff are all approachable and very welcoming.”

    Daniel 17th May 2018, Cherubs Vale View
  • “I don't have a bad word to say about Cherubs. My child is developing well and enjoys his time there.”

    Reece 2nd May 2018, Cherubs South Normanton
  • “Overall I am really happy with the nursery my daughter goes to and her development. I have noticed a huge improvement in my daughter's confidence and abilities. Her relationship with her key worker is really nice to see.”

    Claire 24th November 2017, Cherubs South Normanton
  • “A brilliant nursery, very caring towards my son. Made him feel really settled and comfortable. Couldn't be happier.”

    Stacey 23rd November 2017, Cherubs South Normanton
  • “Great staff who get to know children individually, listening to my concerns and made changes where appropriate. My son looks forward to the nursery. I'm really happy with communication from the nursery, the daily communication including photos.”

    Roxanne 3rd May 2018, Cherubs Executive House
  • “I have found Cherubs to be a great nursery. The staff are always happy and easy to talk to. Every time I come in I am greeted with a happy atmosphere. My son has also developed extremely well and also they have been very helpful with him having had mobility issues.”

    Lisa 20th April 2018, Cherubs Executive House
  • “I drop off and collect my niece at nursery and she is so excited, which means that we know that she enjoys it and it also makes us happy knowing that she is happy to go. The nursery is so nice with me, the staff and the children all being really friendly. They take time out to greet you and make the child feel welcome. When you pick up they tell you what she's been doing and what she's been doing and what she's eaten. All in all, it's a great nursery and they do a great job.”

    Hayley 20th April 2018, Cherubs Executive House
  • “Both my children attend Cherubs Worksop. They are fantastic. Both my children have allergies. The staff knowledge, competence and confidence around these are second to none. All the staff are EpiPen trained, which is very important to us. They encourage the children's development in wonderfully creative ways.”

    Natalie 4th June 2018, Cherubs Worksop
  • “My child can sometimes be quite difficult but the staff always help to calm her down and give plenty of cuddles. My child has some lovely bonds with the staff and particularly adores one member. Children are treated as if they are the staff's children. My daughter attends the after-school club and is disappointed on the days I finish early to collect her from school as she'd prefer to be at Cherubs.”

    Terri 18th April 2018, Cherubs Worksop
  • “Fantastic nursery! My child loves going to Cherubs Worksop we had a rough start as he didn't separate from me easily. The staff really comforted him and reassured me too and he settled after a short while, their support was lovely. All the staff at Cherubs Worksop are approachable and I have an excellent relationship with the pre-school staff - who regularly update me with my child's learning and development and share activities with me that my child has been doing that day. The preschool staff encourage my child to try new things/foods and genuinely want the best for all the children at the nursery.”

    Kelly 27th July 2017, Cherubs Worksop

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