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Discover why in January 1993, after struggling to find a suitable nursery for her first child, our founder Susan Mills made the decision to set up her own nursery.

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What do parents say about us?

  • The staff are so friendly and you are always greeted with a smile. It's a very relaxed and calm place and the children appear quite at home.I love the variety of food that the staff provide. I wish I was a child again. The nursery is always cleaned daily and the smell of fresh laundry is lovely.

    Janis, Parent 3rd March 2019, Cherubs Edwinstowe
  • My daughter has been at the nursery since 9 months old. I am an older first-time mum and they worked with me to build my confidence in leaving my child, and trust in the staff at looking after her. After being there for 6 months, the staff are a part of her life. She gets excited when we arrive and the staff are always welcoming.

    Melanie, Parent 3rd March 2019, Cherubs Edwinstowe
  • My daughter started at Cherubs Edwinstowe before Christmas. She has settled so well and they really push her development. Very flexible to suit my changing shifts working in the NHS. Highly recommend.

    Beverley, Parent 3rd March 2019, Cherubs Edwinstowe
  • Cherubs Executive House has great staff who get to know children individually, listening to my concerns and made changes where appropriate. My son looks forward to the nursery. I'm really happy with communication from the nursery, the daily communication including photos.

    Roxanne, Parent 3rd May 2018, Cherubs Executive House
  • Cherubs Executive House is a fantastic nursery with approachable, lovely staff. My daughter has really come on leaps and bounds since joining. I would highly recommend!

    Sharmilla, Parent 19th October 2018, Cherubs Executive House
  • The staff at Cherubs are so amazing and I can't thank them enough. My little one loves going to nursery and has learnt so much in the 8 months since he started. All the staff are always smiling and make the kids feel at ease and I never feel worried when I leave as I know he's well looked after.

    Charlene, Parent 2nd November 2018, Cherubs Executive House
  • Cherubs Sutton in Ashfield is fantastic, my two daughters are both extremely happy here. The staff are so friendly, attentive, caring and show so much affection and encouragement towards the children. Every day they have various activities for the two of them and they work with parents if there any concerns or needs that the girls have. I can't rate them highly enough.

    Nicola, Parent 5th October 2018, Cherubs Sutton in Ashfield
  • The staff at Cherubs Sutton in Ashfield are so caring and loving with all the children, it's like home from home. From the moment I walked into Cherubs, I knew this was the nursery for my child.

    Clare, Parent 5th October 2018, Cherubs Sutton in Ashfield
  • My son has loved every minute at Cherubs Sutton in Ashfield. The staff are amazing and I am very sad that my son is leaving such a lovely nursery to go to school.

    Stacey, Parent 16th August 2018, Cherubs Sutton in Ashfield
  • Our little boy has been attending Cherubs Worksop for 6 months now and in that time his development has come on incredibly. The facilities are always clean and the staff look after the children as if they are their own. The Blossom App is fantastic as it gives patients a full summary of this child's day and I love seeing a new 'golden moment' appear when my son has done something special. The best part for me is the food the children eat, my son eats more food at 15 months than I do at 32 years!

    Terri, Parent 6th September 2018, Cherubs Worksop
  • I am very happy that my child went to this nursery because it was very important to me that my child would be happy and safe. The beginnings of my son's time here may have been difficult due to the language barrier (the first language at home is Polish) and with the new environment of new people. Never before has my son stayed with anyone else. The person to whom a part of the group my son belongs to took into account my instructions regarding the character of the child. She helped my son during this difficult time. I am very happy that my child is going to this nursery with a big smile, telling me that they care about him, he can always count on support, hugs and interest. Thanks to the work Cherubs Worksop has done.

    Karolina, Parent 31st October 2018, Cherubs Worksop
  • Very pleased with Cherubs Worksop. Staff are friendly to all children and parents. My child always has fun when he is there. Handovers are good and supported by Blossom app, which is very useful. The outside space is excellent and children are free to explore (under supervision) which I know my son enjoys enormously.

    Sally, Parent 14th November 2018, Cherubs Worksop
  • Cherubs staff go out of their way to make my child feel happy at nursery and I couldn't be more grateful. My daughter loves the nursery and is making good progress in her development too due to the range of activities and opportunities staff plan for the children. The outdoor facilities are also excellent, especially when compared to some smaller nurseries and the beach is a particular highlight for my daughter. Having external clubs which come into the nursery is something my daughter also loves and she always has a lot to say about what she has been doing each day. We are so happy that our child attends this nursery and can't comment highly enough on the staff.

    Sharon, Parent 31st August 2018, Cherubs Kimberley
  • We have used Cherubs Kimberley for all 3 of our daughters. We are extremely happy with the care Cherubs provides and alll staff are very professional.

    Kerrie, Parent 11th July 2018, Cherubs Kimberley
  • Our child has had many opportunities and positive experiences during his time at Cherubs Kimberley. We know he is safe, happy and secure here. His confidence has increased massively and from an educational point of view, he has made great progress.

    Lindsay, Parent 3rd July 2018, Cherubs Kimberley
  • Cherubs Longdale has been brilliant. Staff, all staff, whether directly involved in my daughters care or not are brilliant, always friendly, always show interest in the children around them. My child has come on a lot since attending and that's only one visit a week. I am very glad I chose Cherubs Longdale. The Blossom app that is used is also really informative, keeps me up to date with specific details of her day e.g., naps or food eaten - and the staff add on photos of my child's day and development so I feel really involved and aware of her time here.

    Lauren, Parent 8th October 2018, Cherubs Longdale
  • My son has learnt so much since joining Cherubs Longdale and has grown in confidence. His social skills have been enhanced tremendously and he continues to develop every week. I think the nursery is a great way for children to progress in all areas, in readiness for their future journey. Cherubs have definitely assisted with this.
    Gavin, Parent 13th November 2018, Cherubs Longdale
  • My son has been attending this nursery since he was 5 months old. The staff are really wonderful and so good with children. They are always friendly, happy and so much fun for the children. They are attentive to their needs and develop strong bonds with the children, which is important to reassure parents. I think it's probably the best nursery in the area.

    Tina, Parent 6th July 2018, Cherubs Wynndale
  • Cherubs Longdale has been so brilliant in everything. They support and care for not only my daughter but myself as well as working together to make my daughters development and time fantastic. The the staff are so friendly and welcoming too.
    Donna, Parent 13th November 2018, Cherubs Longdale
  • My son was so shy and lacked confidence. Since being at Cherubs Wynndale my son's confidence has grown and his speech has really come along. He's grown in confidence and has made many new friends. We really cannot thank the staff enough.

    Louise, Parent 12th November 2018, Cherubs Wynndale
  • Both of my daughter's love going to Cherubs Ladybrook. My husband and I would not send them anywhere else, as they have both come on fantastically.

    Emily, Parent 31st October 2018, Cherubs Ladybrook
  • My son really enjoys coming to nursery, he tells me on a daily basis how much fun he has all the time. He speaks about all the staff all the time and how much fun he has. Would recommend this nursery to anybody I know. Great nursery and amazing staff.

    Emma, Parent 7th November 2018, Cherubs Ladybrook
  • My children love coming to Cherubs Ladybrook and I struggle to get them to leave at the end of their sessions. The team are always happy, friendly and helpful and I have and always will recommend Cherubs to friends and family.

    Tara-Leigh, Parent 7th November 2018, Cherubs Ladybrook
  • My daughter started nursery in September and has settled in really well. The staff are lovely and really informative. The nursery is a lovely environment and I am happy to bring her here.

    Katie, Parent 13th February 2018, Cherubs Pleasley
  • Cherubs Pleasley is a wonderful, supportive nursery. My daughter only does one day a week but loves her time here, has made some lovely friends and gets really well supported from the staff. She has learnt lots, enjoys the outside spaces and is developing wonderfully thanks to Cherubs Pleasley.

    Sarah, Parent 9th May 2018, Cherubs Pleasley
  • The staff at Cherubs Wynndale are very caring and informative. I always look forward to seeing how my son has progressed after each day he spends at nursery. Cherubs Wynndale are also very flexible with any extra sessions we wish to book too.

    Christopher, Parent 13th November 2018, Cherubs Wynndale
  • “A brilliant nursery, very caring towards my son. Made him feel really settled and comfortable. Couldn't be happier.”

    Stacey 23rd November 2017, Cherubs South Normanton
  • “Overall I am really happy with the nursery my daughter goes to and her development. I have noticed a huge improvement in my daughter's confidence and abilities. Her relationship with her key worker is really nice to see.”

    Claire 24th November 2017, Cherubs South Normanton
  • “I don't have a bad word to say about Cherubs. My child is developing well and enjoys his time there.”

    Reece 2nd May 2018, Cherubs South Normanton
  • “I have had all of my children go to Cherubs Nurseries. All of the staff are very helpful, my children love it. If there are any issues it is always handled very professionally. The staff are all approachable and very welcoming.”

    Daniel 17th May 2018, Cherubs Vale View
  • “I would highly recommend Cherubs Vale View. The staff are really polite and willing to help and my son always enjoys his time there. The flexi booking service is great and fits in with our already hectic schedule.”

    Michelle 21st May 2018, Cherubs Vale View
  • “I would like to say I have a really good relationship with all the staff and so does my daughter. My daughter enjoys playing outside with all her friends. I would like to say it is good value and let's face it, you can't put a price on quality when you're leaving your child in someone else's care. The food must be good as my daughter always has seconds. Would highly recommend.”

    Sharron 21st May 2018, Cherubs Vale View
  • “Our son has settled into the nursery like it is a second home. He loves going and runs into say morning to everyone. He gets so much more than just childcare. We couldn't recommend them highly enough.”

    Michael 4th May 2018, Cherubs Mansfield Woodhouse
  • “Even though we left the area we drive the 1-hour drive in traffic to bring our daughter to the nursery as it's an outstanding nursery with the most caring staff.”

    Tara 4th May 2018, Cherubs Mansfield Woodhouse
  • “Cherubs Nursery is overall excellent. There isn't a bad word I can say about this nursery. My son loves it there and is developing really well. All I can say is the staff are excellent, facilities are brilliant.”

    Kelly 4th May 2018, Cherubs Mansfield Woodhouse
  • My daughter loves her time at nursery. She is progressing and growing in confidence. The staff are friendly, professional and really care. We couldn't ask for more.

    Emma, Parent 9th May 2018, Cherubs Pleasley
  • “My son has learnt so much since starting and I know he absolutely loves coming here to this nursery, sometimes the most difficult part is getting him to leave come home time.”

    Danielle R Friday 30th December 2016, Cherubs South Normanton
  • “Fantastic nursery, I've noticed a big difference with my child since he started nursery. The staff are fantastic and very helpful, they are also very welcoming. Overall I am very happy with the nursery.”

    Carla A Friday 2nd December 2016, Cherubs South Normanton
  • “My daughter is very happy at this nursery and it has helped to develop her speech and interactivity with other children. I am at ease when taking my daughter here as I know she loves going and has learnt a lot since starting in June this year.”

    Jess E Saturday 31st December 2016, Cherubs South Normanton
  • “Mum loves the nursery and not only that but my daughter loves it! She enjoys coming to nursery and Mum is really comfortable leaving her in their hands.”

    Sylvia S Wednesday 25th January 2017, Cherubs Vale View
  • “Great Nursery and very friendly members of staff, my son was happy here from when he started in 2015. Cherubs Vale View has built confidence throughout his time here and he has achieved a good standard of social skills and learning, he has made a lot of friends and became very popular. My son has had the support he needed to make him a confident friendly boy. The staff are well trained and are a friendly bunch, which my son has enjoyed knowing. Would recommend this nursery.”

    Leanne B Tuesday 4th July 2017, Cherubs Vale View
  • “All the staff are friendly and welcoming - really enjoy their jobs. There is a variety of things on site to keep the children entertained and trips off site that cater for all ages. Would recommend this site as price/staff and care is spot on.”

    LC Wednesday 21st June 2017, Cherubs Mansfield Woodhouse
  • “We attended a recent parent's evening which was informative and supportive, the points below describe our experience of the nursery. * A well-structured environment * Perfect learning opportunities for the children * Perfect learn and play ideas * Staff happy and attentive * Manager of nursery, supportive and approachable * Safe, happy, warm environment To sum the above up, we have a happy girl who has learnt so much since attending Cherubs.”

    Lisa G Tuesday 4th April 2017, Cherubs Mansfield Woodhouse

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