Why Cherubs Nurseries?

Whether you’re looking for a career change or already have experience working with children we want to see what you’ve got to offer. We need a huge range of people to ensure the successful running of all our nurseries.
Your unique skills set could be the perfect match for a career with us.

Every employee at Cherubs Nurseries is valued for their unique personality, skills and experience.

We all work together, in a very flat hierarchy so that we’re not stifled with unnecessary layers of management. Whilst we push ourselves as a company, we’ll help you develop too.

We’re only as good as our team members so we’ll always give you regular feedback and support you to better yourself. When you first become part of the family we’ll agree objectives with you and review them over the first few months.

We want to help you achieve your full potential and achieve your goals. As well as supervising your development internally we’ll make sure you have access to a wide range of courses, which you are free to take advantage of, should you want to.

It only takes a quick glance inside Cherubs Nurseries to appreciate the sheer number of people behind our operation and the diversity of their experiences.

Think of a skill, any skill, chances are it’s being deployed right now somewhere across our business, amongst the people that work here.

We’re all about bringing people together and taking them where they want to go. This applies as much to our employees as it does to the thousands of children we care for each year.

It’s about offering greater diversity, more development, better training and more valuable experiences. It’s about investing in our people and their futures. After all, it’s only when they realise their full potential that we can achieve our broader business goals.

But what is it really like to work here?

You could ask everyone who works here that question, and get a different answer each time. It’s all sorts of things; it can be deeply rewarding and it can also be great fun. At times it can be frustrating and it can be tough and demanding.
For some it’s a great job they leave behind at the end of the day but for others it’s their life and passion.

It’s not just what we do here at Cherubs Nurseries that sets us apart from others but the way we do it and our 5 brand promises shape who we are and how we interact with our colleagues, customers and children.

We ask that all our staff


the part

Do things


Treat everyone
as an individual

So if you’re wondering whether we’re the company for you, the honest answer is that Cherubs Nurseries is what you make of it. The opportunities are all out there, waiting and it’s up to you to seize them.

Cherubs Nurseries are an equal opportunities employer and we promise to treat everyone equally, regardless of race, ethnic origin, sex, marital or parental status, sexual orientation, creed, disability, age or political belief. Employees will be chosen for skills, experience and attitude, and every successful candidate will be given the support they need to succeed. In line with our GDPR policy, we hold all unsuccessful applicants information for up to 2-weeks after a vacancy has been filled. After this time, all applicants information is destroyed. Candidates may ask for feedback up until this time, after which it may not be available.