Cherubs Nurseries to sponsor 13 rooms a year at CentrePoint

According to the latest Government figures (collected in Autumn 2019) around 4,266 people are estimated to be sleeping rough on a “typical” night. This combined with covid-19 could see over 120,000 young lives at risk. At Cherubs Nurseries we are committed to making the communities we serve better places to live, work and grow up in. To this end we are sponsoring 13 rooms per year at CentrePoint – a room per nursery. CentrePoint (the UK’s leading youth homelessness charity) believe that a safe, warm room is the first crucial step to breaking the cycle of homelessness and run run over 60 accommodation services all over the UK including London, Manchester and closer to our home in Barnsley.

Each room costs just £12 per month (£144 per year) and provide so much more than just a place to sleep. Donations go towards running costs, counselling, health support and practical advice that helps young people find jobs or get back into education.

Throughout 2021 our nurseries will be hosting dedicated fundraising and awareness events to sponsor their room. Please do keep an eye out for these (covid-19 dependant) and support us where you can. If you would like to find out more about CentrePoint and the essential work they are doing to give homeless young people a future, please click here.

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