Saying goodbye to old traditions and conventionality – discover our new look nurseries

Despite covid-19 we’re moving forward with our plan of refurbishment both inside and outside our nurseries. Some of our nurseries including Cherubs Kimberley and South Normanton have already experienced these changes and we have upcoming plans at Cherubs Executive House, Longdale and Ruddington. Read on to find out more about our new look and feel nurseries.

Back in 2019 we decided to take a long and honest look at Cherubs Nurseries. We realised that over the past few years the purpose of a nursery has changed and we needed our spaces to reflect not just that but the rightfully ever changing needs of our families.

When designing the new look for our nurseries we took inspiration from Montessori, Hygge, Reggio and Forest School – creating our own approach to early years. Taking a well-rounded approach we shortlisted essential components that enhance children’s learning and inspire awe and wonder. Building on that, we thought about what we could incorporate into our spaces to support our childcare team to seamlessly and easily deliver a high standard of childcare and education to all children. We considered the impact of visual noise on our children and staff and aimed to design spiritually bold play spaces that provide a calm and tranquil home from home environment instead of a watered down version of school. We’ve used warming tones, bought in even more natural light and reduced the amount of colour variety throughout our nurseries.

We’ve worked hard to see play through the eyes of our children and have centred learning and play opportunities at appropriate height for all children in a particular room. To complement this we’ve stripped back our look and presented our nurseries in a much more minimal way. We wanted to inspire our children to become more naturally independent too. In our baby room we’ve enhanced these spaces with easy reach toys and plenty of opportunity to crawl, climb and slide. You’ll find low level service counters in our Toddler and Pre-School rooms too where children are encouraged to load a dish washer or bake some fresh bread in our state of the art bread makers. Thinking about the outdoors, we are embedding our Cherubs Explorers even deeper into all nurseries (inspired by Forest School) and have plans to refurbish outdoor environments at Cherubs Kimberley and Ruddington.

We aren’t just proud to show off our new nurseries either. To complement our new look we’ve worked to overhaul our nursery menu and now offer an even better variety of fresh, delicious food. We’ve enhanced meal times to offer a mix of starters, mains and desserts – all of which are homemade by our talented team of chefs. We’re championing sustainability through food too. So whilst you might see a little less meat on our menus you can be sure that the food we serve never tasted better. We’ve also reviewed feedback from our recent covid-19 parent survey and are committed to introducing Early Year’s Teachers into all our Pre-Schools on either a part or full time basis.

Whilst our look and feel may have changed our commitment to providing the highest standards of childcare and early years education remain the same. We are committed to continuous improvement and will strive to maintain our good or outstanding Ofsted gradings – collecting even more awards along the way too. When it comes to cost, we want to keep our fees as competitive as possible. It goes without saying that our refurbished nurseries come at a cost but we put 100% of our profits back into our business meaning we’re always putting our children, families and staff first. We hope you recognise this through the great service we offer.

So whilst it might seem like a lot is changing around here we couldn’t be more excited. We’re embarking on a journey and really don’t want to look back. We’re heading into the next generation of Cherubs Nurseries and we sincerely hope you’ll join us.

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